O4W Cat Project
Atlanta Community Cats


  • Male @ 4th street ... Juke ... black with few white hair on breast ... is beat up with wounds in head/neck area ... has to be boarded for 10 days to get antibiotic treatment.
  • Still need to trap Mama Klara and gray kitten Reia. Mama has avoided the trap for over a week. Got her trapped initially, but had to let her free because of a free roaming kitten ... and now she avoids coming close to the trap where the food is. Want to get her soon ... she is pregnant again-again and will deliver within a few weeks.
  • August

  • Kitten trapped @ 4 th St ... Arfie - male ... orange Garfield tabby kitten trapped @ Ansley ... Elixia- female : 2.75lb gray bulls eye to be socialized and findning a home Obseving @ 4th street : Mama and at least two 6 week old kittens ... establishing feeding location and kitten count.
  • TNR @ Piedmont: Humle, Daisy, Basil ... have home for Hissy, Spud July Kitten hunt @ Piedmont TNR @ Ansley, pregnant boarded at Vet ... observation for rabies Cats with stomatitis / FCV ...is boarded at vet for diagnosis and treatment ... was too sick , could not be healed, had to be euthanized.
  • Kquvien provides Foster Home for Feral Baby Kitten found crying under bushes in Midtown by a very busy street corner ( no other kittens on location)
  • June28 - July 1

  • Trapping kittens @ Piedmont June 25 Rescued a kittie sitting 50' up in a tree out in Stone Mountain The cat had been sitting on a branch for 4 days without any food or water in inhumane hot summer weather. Went to several fire brigades and contacted Georgia Power in the vain hope of help in form of a long ladder or basket lift . Ended up calling a tree-service company. Within an hour 2 guys came out and within half an hour the branch was cut and the cat slowly lowered from the sky on a canopy of leaves and the severed branch.